Advanced Playlist Editor

Advanded Playlist Editor

Advanced Playlist Editor is a feature that let you create and manage playlist files

The following playlist formats are supported:
m3u pls b4s asx wpl wax wvx wmx ppl smp zpl xpif pla

These playlist files are compatible with other programs like Winamp, Windows Media Player and other that supports such formats.

Using this feature you can:

  • Create playlists out of files located on your computer or network
  • Save playlists to disk in all supported formats or export as CSV, PDF, HTM or in other formats
  • Edit existing playlist files, add or remove files, update files locations
  • Update absolute paths in playlist files
  • Remove absolute paths
  • Validate playlist file's paths
  • Change drive letter in playlist file's paths
  • Search for files in your computer and update path in case you moved your files to a different location
  • View and edit playlist properties
  • Play media files
  • Update files playback duration info
  • Merge existing playlist with others
  • Store your playlist in database. Software is database driven and you can store your playlist into a database and use it as your depository of backed up playlist files.
  • Search for duplicate files in your playlist